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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems


When it comes to safeguarding your business, fire safety should be a top priority. Fires endanger lives, damage property, and interrupt business operations. Investing in a reliable commercial fire alarm system is paramount to ensure the utmost protection for your commercial establishment in Memphis, TN. 

Discover the critical role of these advanced systems and why they are essential for every business owner.

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An security camera capturing a man peering into a garage with a timestamp and video clip.


Thanks to advancements in home automation, smart security systems have become increasingly popular. Why the growing appeal? These “smart” systems offer much more than blaring alarms in an attempted break-in and video used by law enforcement after a theft has occurred. 

Today’s security systems provide crystal clear real-time video, even in the darkest night. Two-way audio lets any intruders know they've been spotted. Remote access sends notifications when something out of the ordinary occurs. And they integrate with your other smart devices, such as door locks and lighting.

These systems even send alerts if someone crosses a digital tripwire. Not only is this technology used to protect your business, home, and family, it’s also designed to keep your little ones safe. 

In essence, they offer unprecedented peace of mind. Let’s explore some of our clients’ favorite features. 

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Prepare for Your Next Vacation with Home Surveillance

A man lying in a tent looking at his security camera app.

Gain Peace of Mind with Outdoor Security Cameras, Automated Locks & More 

It’s that time of year—people are packing their bags and sending “out of office” emails as they jet off on vacation. If you’re planning to travel this summer and are reading this blog, you may be concerned about leaving your house vacant for days or weeks on end. 

But with a professionally installed security system, you can ensure your house is protected by alarms, locks, and indoor and outdoor security cameras. Here’s how an all-in-one system can safeguard your Memphis, TN, home while you’re away. 

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Smart Surveillance Saves You Time & Money!

A delivery driver ringing a smart doorbell integrated with a security system.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Installing a New Home Surveillance System?

Luxury living in Memphis, TN, is about more than just having a beautiful home; it's also about peace of mind. After all, you want to make sure your property and loved ones are safe and secure at all times. That’s why a new home surveillance system makes perfect sense and why you will never hear of a homeowner who regrets investing in it. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of a new home surveillance system and how Just-N-Case Security can help you install one in your luxury smart home.

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Does Your Business Need an Outdoor Security Camera System?

Man installing a security camera on the side of a brick building.

Surveillance Keeps Your Business Safe, Giving You Peace of Mind When You Can't Be Present

Keeping your Memphis, TN, business safe around the clock is crucial to your company's welfare and peace of mind. A comprehensive security camera system from Just-N-Case Security will allow you to know what's happening on your property at all times, giving you a chance to step away confidently and, hopefully, helping you sleep better at night. 

While interior cameras are essential, we're focusing on outdoor surveillance and how it lets business owners hold anyone up to no good accountable, from trespassers to thieves and vandals. Keep reading to determine if your business would benefit from added security cameras!

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Protect Your Business with Today’s Commercial Security Installation

A closeup of an IC Realtime security camera attached to a wall.

A Customized Approach Ensures the Perfect System for Your Needs, Budget, and Security Risks

We’re fortunate to live in a great city known for its hospitality and incredible music scene. Unfortunately, like most big cities, Memphis, TN, has its challenges. Due to rising crime levels, NeighborhoodScout has listed us as one of the top five most dangerous cities in America. Currently, some businesses in our community are also experiencing looting issues and requesting extra security solutions. 

Considering our current challenges, we’re addressing what our commercial security installations at Just-N-Case Security entail and how they’re helping businesses in the community stay safe. 

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Looking for a Trusted Dealer? 

A video doorbell and app interface showing a delivery driver at the door. 

Just-N-Case Security Is Now in North Mississippi, so Get Ready to Save Time, Money & Trouble with 

When it comes to security, you want nothing but the best to protect your home, your family, and yourself. That’s why you started researching brands like and looking into local installers in the first place. Since then, you have learned a lot about smart alarm systems. But you are now faced with the choice of hundreds of local companies claiming to be the best in town. 

If you are in Southaven, Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Hernando, or Byhalia, MS, we can help! 

For the past twenty years, homeowners across Tennessee have trusted Just-N-Case Security to be their technology integrator, installer, and dealer. We are proud of the reputation and community standing we have built! Now, we’re bringing our expertise to Mississippi to achieve the same.

Read on to learn more about our work in Mississippi and a few different ways your new system will save you time, money, and trouble through the summer and beyond! 

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Essential Features That Make Up Smart Security Systems

a smart lock system controlled by a smartphone

Protect your home from thieves, vandals, and trespassers with home security solutions

Home security systems are crucial for preventing crimes on your property. Every home has some form of security, be it a simple door lock or a surveillance camera. But smart security systems are one step ahead and offer complete protection against all kinds of threats. From preventing porch pirates to home burglaries, advanced security solutions can counter all suspicious and criminal activities. 

So, what makes up a home security system that can offer full-perimeter protection on your Memphis, TN, property? Read on to find out!

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The Latest Features Found in a Commercial Fire Alarm System

Two firefighters streaming water from a firehose towards a large fire.

Protect Your Staff and Property with Early Detection & Rapid Response

At Just-N-Case Security, we’ve protected homes and businesses in the Mid-South for over 20 years with state-of-the-art security and fire alarm systems. These proactive solutions keep local businesses, their assets, and employees safe in Memphis, TN.

Fortunately, fires erupting in business facilities are rare. Unfortunately, once they ignite, their spread is quick and deadly. In Tennessee, 96 civilian fire fatalities occurred in 2022, according to the TN Department of Commerce & Insurance.

The good news is that there is a way to prevent injuries, deaths, and property damage. An early-warning commercial fire alarm system detects a wisp of smoke before it becomes a flame. Let's explore these proactive systems and how they protect businesses.

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‘Tis the Season to Be Safe

View of a smart device with the ELAN interface showing four camera feeds.

A Security Camera System Keeps Your Home Safe this Holiday Season 

Things can get a bit crazy during the holidays, even in a beautiful, small town like Southaven, MS. During this time of year, when everyone is hustling and bustling about, it’s more important than ever to consider home security. That’s why we recommend a smart security camera system to make this season the most wonderful and safest time of the year. It’s also a great gift idea for yourself or a loved one!

Whether your front porch is greeted by delivery drivers, kids returning home, or even an unscrupulous porch pirate, here are a few recommendations to keep your home safe and secure during the holidays. 

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The Latest Features in Smart Home Surveillance Systems

A conference room with an overlayed image of hands holding a smartphone displaying a picture of kids arriving home.

Protect Your Home and Loved Ones with Advanced Technology

There was a time when a residential security system consisted of an alarm that went off when someone tried to break into your home. While helpful, these systems did little to provide proactive measures. In many cases, once the alarm sounded, the damage had already been done. 

Today, a smart home surveillance system offers so much more. It keeps a watchful eye over your home and family and alerts you when something unexpected occurs. Not only do they protect you from those with ill intent, but they also offer peace of mind when a new caregiver enters the picture or when you're busy in the home office, and the kids are playing outside.

Let’s explore what these systems provide and why homeowners in Memphis, TN, turn to Just-N-Case Security for their home surveillance needs.

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Unlock High-Performance AV with a Custom Home Theater

a home theater with a projector, comfortable seating, and dimmed lights

Create an entertainment oasis with personalized theater installation

Home theater installation involves two essential integrations. These are the audio and video systems. In luxury homes, all your media is connected to automation systems, allowing you to watch movies flawlessly with a single button press.

Boosting home entertainment with a custom home theater unlocks high-performance audio and unmatched visuals. As a result, you end up with a space that will provide you with an immersive experience. A luxury that goes beyond what can be achieved at local movie theaters!

Read on to discover how advanced AV solutions can customize the home theater experience in your Memphis, TN residence.

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Boost Home Entertainment with Multi-Room Audio

a living room with a TV installed over the fireplace in front of sofas and a coffee table

Stream music in every room flawlessly with whole-home sound integration

Music has a considerable impact on your mood. Upbeat music can breathe life into parties, while a melodic song helps you relax after a long day at work. 

So, if music is such a powerful medium, why limit a music system to only a single room of the house? That is, you don’t have to listen to your speaker system only in a media room or living room. With multi-room audio, you can listen to your favorite songs or any other audio content in every part of the house, allowing you to boost home entertainment. But there’s a lot more that can be done with distributed audio. 

Read on to discover all the benefits of having a whole-home audio system in your Memphis, TN, home. 

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Bring High-Fidelity Audio to Your Outdoor Areas

Outdoor speakers placed throughout a backyard.

Extend Your Living Space and Enjoy High-Performance Music, Movies, and More in Your Own Backyard

It’s that time of year when we bring our friends and family together in our outdoor spaces, gathering around the grill, hanging out by the pool, or playing games and partying on the patio. Have you turned your backyard into the outdoor oasis you’ve always imagined?

Before you know it, summer turns to fall, and we’ve missed the opportunity to create the space that extends our living areas and draws our family to the Great Outdoors. One technology that has genuinely transformed our outdoor areas in the last decade is outdoor audio. Today, it offers the same high-performance sound you experience indoors, bringing your outdoor areas to life.

Let's explore the latest outdoor speaker system and what it can do for your Memphis, TN, home. 

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Man's Lower legs crossed on the hammock with sockless red sneakers on his feet and blue sky and fluffy white clouds above him.


Your home is a sanctuary. It is one of the few places to unwind and truly be yourself. The luxury and convenience of your smart home in Memphis, TN, furnishes you with living spaces that adapt to your lifestyle. Whether it is the stunning fidelity of your whole-home audio or the ultimate comfort of environmental controls, you experience just the right balance.

As nice as your house is, life is not only about one place. There is a whole world to explore. Now that the ability to travel is back, there is an excitement for seeing new places and experiencing new people and cultures far away from home. You may already have your bags packed and passport ready, but how can you ensure your property is safe and secure while you are away? 

Learn what our smart home security experts can do to protect your home.

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How to Save Energy with Smart Lighting Control

A living room powered by an ELAN home automation system.

Today’s Home Energy Management Systems Automate Your Lights, Shades, and Climate

Lighting control has been around for some time, from the first hand clap that turned lights on and off to today's sophisticated systems that automatically change your home’s lighting throughout the day.

In this post, we'd like to look at some of the less talked about but just as important lighting control elements—home climate management. Using the right lighting, shades, and automated control, you can significantly save energy and reduce your Arlington, TN, home’s carbon footprint. Let’s see how it’s done.

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Take Home Entertainment to the Next Level with Today’s Technology


Distributed Audio-Video Systems and Home Theaters Deliver the Ultimate in Entertainment

Enjoying the ultimate cinematic experience in your home theater or listening to streaming music fill your home and yard define luxury living. As a premier home automation and home entertainment installer serving the Mid-South for over 20 years, Just-N-Case Security has watched the smart home revolution transform and enhance our clients' daily lives, changing what was once unimaginable into everyday possibilities.  

To create the best home entertainment systems, we partner with industry-leading brands. Let’s look at what these companies offer and how, together, we’re bringing exquisite audio-video solutions to homes in Collierville, TN.

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The Latest Smart Security Systems Deliver Unprecedented Protection


The Future of Smart Home Security: ELAN and 2GIG EDGE

As many of you know, the smart home market is growing at unprecedented rates. But, interestingly, for many of our clients, their first concern isn’t the latest connected audio and video systems or lighting controlled with just one touch. Instead, their first concern is how to keep their family and home safe with the latest smart security system.

Let’s explore how these systems are protecting families in Tipton County, TN.

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3 Things You Can Automate with Home Control Systems


Just-N-Case Security Is Your Local Smart Home Installation Expert

Your daily life is filled with routines, and routines take time to complete. For example, walking around to every room of your Memphis-area home to open the blinds may seem like a small task, but the time truly adds up! Then in the evenings, you have to do the same routine to close the blinds, plus turn off the lights and arm your security system before going to bed. We have a solution to add an incredible layer of convenience to your daily lifestyle.

A home control system incorporates all of your home’s subsystems – security, lighting, shades, and audio/video, to name a few – and makes it possible to control them all using one easy-to-use system. Keep reading below to learn more about how that would look on your Tennessee property.

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