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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business’s Security Camera System?

A person installing a security camera.

Discover the Many Benefits Smart Security Offers Your Company

The Lakeland, TN, Downtown Development Authority recently installed about 14 security cameras throughout the downtown area to deter crime. These cameras prevent crime just by their presence, alerting would-be criminals that they’re being watched. 

Today, however, a smart security camera system offers much more.

In addition to capturing footage, commercial security cameras send notifications of unusual activity, scare off potential thieves through audio and video devices, and enhance business operations. While that last feature may come as a surprise, today’s systems possess Business Activity Analytics that provide a wealth of information and data that can shape how you manage your company. 

Let’s explore the immense benefits these systems provide.

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Today’s Advanced Cameras

At Just-N-Case Security, one of our security partners is Their security system offers intelligent security cameras designed for commercial surveillance and unique integrations that provide businesses with more than protection. 

High resolution, HDR video, and night vision ensure crystal-clear images and detail, even after the sun’s gone down. Discreet dome models are ideal for capturing what’s happening inside your establishment. Bullet and turret models keep a watchful eye on your perimeter and possible entry points.

Do you have multiple locations? A comprehensive dashboard lets you view all locations simultaneously. Do you have existing security cameras? Many can seamlessly integrate with the platform.

Staying Updated

These cameras keep you informed of what’s happening at your business, even when you’re halfway across the world. You’ll receive alerts and video clips of vehicles and unexpected visitors entering your property after hours. If it’s a vendor, you can speak to them through the two-way audio and unlock the door remotely. 

You also receive notifications if someone enters a prohibited area, whether staff or strangers. And when you or your managers are away on vacation or a business trip, know your company is protected with 24/7 remote monitoring. 

Helping Manage Your Business

Thanks to advanced analytics, your security cameras do more than offer protection. They provide occupancy tracking and heat mapping, enabling you to see where people congregate, including the time and day. This essential feature allows retailers to evaluate the best use of their space and product placement. Queue monitoring informs you of the average wait time customers are experiencing, helping you determine staffing needs.

Integrated Into a Robust Security System

This system also integrates your security cameras with intrusion detection, access control, and energy management, creating a comprehensive security system that helps keep staff, customers, and assets safe. From your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, check if the doors are locked, the alarm is armed, and the temperature is lowered, then make any adjustments needed.

Are you ready to take your business’s security to the next level? At Just-N-Case Security, we’ve been supporting businesses for over 20 years, providing the best in security, automation, and AV technology. To learn more about the latest security camera systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Just-N-Case Security today.

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