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Protect Your Home & Business with Smart Outdoor Security Cameras

A person and car in a parking lot targeted by a video surveillance system.

Take a Proactive Stance Against Increasing Crime

A recent string of smash-and-grab break-ins and thefts at gunpoint have left business owners and homeowners in Memphis, TN, concerned for their safety and property. According to the Memphis Police Department, as reported by Fox13, there have been over 17,000 business burglaries in 2023, an increase of 42% since last year.

One of the most recent thefts was a second smash-and-grab at City G.E.A.R., the same night a Taco Bell was held up at gunpoint. The district manager of Village Mart spoke with ActionNews5, sharing their two recent break-ins and the trouble getting insured due to the increasing crime, a scenario many businesses share. 

While many people have invested in outdoor security cameras, there is a significant difference between traditional and smart cameras. Smart security cameras provide several features that can deter and scare off would-be thieves. Let’s explore some of their benefits.

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Remote Monitoring and Active Alerts

At one time, outdoor security cameras were designed to help law enforcement apprehend thieves and vandals after the crime occurred. Today, cameras are designed as a proactive measure. The latest outdoor security cameras offer crystal-clear vision even in the darkest night. They send a push notification to your smartphone as soon as motion is detected, letting you look in on your live video feed from anywhere.

Advanced Video Analytics

These cameras are smart, learning as they watch over your place of business or home. They learn to recognize faces and differentiate regular occurrences from potential threats. Not only does this minimize false alarms, but it also provides alerts before a break-in occurs. 

Has a stranger been checking out your establishment? Did a car pull up to your business after hours? Are people congregating by the back door? No matter the unusual occurrence, you’ll be immediately notified and can take the appropriate action.

Two-Way Audio & Motion Activated Lights

Today’s cameras come with two-way audio and floodlights that illuminate their target. When you receive an alert that someone’s in the front or back of your building, you can immediately speak to them and let them know they’ve been spotted. 

At the same time, we can program the camera to turn on flood lights, a loud whistle, and a flashing red LED light. These features help scare away potential intruders while giving local law enforcement time to get there before they leave the premises.

24/7 Monitoring

Many of our clients, whether business owners or homeowners, don’t want the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye on their property throughout the day and night. That’s where 24/7 surveillance monitoring comes in. Trained security personnel view live video and immediately report any suspicious behavior, criminal activity, or environmental hazards to the local police, ensuring they get there quickly when minutes matter.

As a premier security service provider and automation expert, Just-N-Case Security has provided home and business owners in the Mid-South with state-of-the-art solutions for over 20 years. To learn more about the many options in outdoor security cameras or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Just-N-Case Security today.

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