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‘Tis the Season to Be Safe

View of a smart device with the ELAN interface showing four camera feeds.

A Security Camera System Keeps Your Home Safe this Holiday Season 

Things can get a bit crazy during the holidays, even in a beautiful, small town like Southaven, MS. During this time of year, when everyone is hustling and bustling about, it’s more important than ever to consider home security. That’s why we recommend a smart security camera system to make this season the most wonderful and safest time of the year. It’s also a great gift idea for yourself or a loved one!

Whether your front porch is greeted by delivery drivers, kids returning home, or even an unscrupulous porch pirate, here are a few recommendations to keep your home safe and secure during the holidays. 

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The Latest Smart Security Systems Deliver Unprecedented Protection


The Future of Smart Home Security: ELAN and 2GIG EDGE

As many of you know, the smart home market is growing at unprecedented rates. But, interestingly, for many of our clients, their first concern isn’t the latest connected audio and video systems or lighting controlled with just one touch. Instead, their first concern is how to keep their family and home safe with the latest smart security system.

Let’s explore how these systems are protecting families in Tipton County, TN.

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3 Things You Can Automate with Home Control Systems


Just-N-Case Security Is Your Local Smart Home Installation Expert

Your daily life is filled with routines, and routines take time to complete. For example, walking around to every room of your Memphis-area home to open the blinds may seem like a small task, but the time truly adds up! Then in the evenings, you have to do the same routine to close the blinds, plus turn off the lights and arm your security system before going to bed. We have a solution to add an incredible layer of convenience to your daily lifestyle.

A home control system incorporates all of your home’s subsystems – security, lighting, shades, and audio/video, to name a few – and makes it possible to control them all using one easy-to-use system. Keep reading below to learn more about how that would look on your Tennessee property.

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