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3 Things You Can Automate with Home Control Systems


Just-N-Case Security Is Your Local Smart Home Installation Expert

Your daily life is filled with routines, and routines take time to complete. For example, walking around to every room of your Memphis-area home to open the blinds may seem like a small task, but the time truly adds up! Then in the evenings, you have to do the same routine to close the blinds, plus turn off the lights and arm your security system before going to bed. We have a solution to add an incredible layer of convenience to your daily lifestyle.

A home control system incorporates all of your home’s subsystems – security, lighting, shades, and audio/video, to name a few – and makes it possible to control them all using one easy-to-use system. Keep reading below to learn more about how that would look on your Tennessee property.

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Protecting your family and your belongings is a top priority for any homeowner. Modern security systems include alarms, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and more to help you keep an eye on the property whether you’re at home or across the globe on a business trip. Detected motion or security breaches send an immediate smartphone notification to you, letting you view live and previously recorded surveillance footage in seconds. AI-enabled security cameras are intelligent enough to recognize the difference between an animal scurrying across your Memphis property and a person lingering on your porch.


The lights throughout your property not only illuminate the tasks at hand but can also add a dramatic, cozy, or safe aesthetic, depending on your needs. Our dedicated team of lighting experts can program your interior lights to gradually turn on in the mornings to help rouse you from sleep, brighten, then softly dim and shine an incandescent glow to help you feel more relaxed before bedtime.

You can also program smart lighting scenes that instantly change the mood! A “Party” smart scene will set interior lighting colors to a fun hue while exterior landscape lighting illuminates your yard and provides safety around the pool area for your guests as they mingle during the next get-together.


According to ENERGY STAR, the average large home has 28 windows, so it likely takes you more than a few minutes to raise and lower shades daily. Not only can the sun’s rays warm up a room – a great energy-saving feature in the cold winter months – but those UV rays can damage delicate interior furnishings and artwork. With the tap of your finger, simply lower or raise motorized shades room by room or adjust all the window treatments in your home simultaneously! Talk about a time saver that looks great, too.

Elan Integrates It All Together

Security, lighting, and shading are innovative smart home solutions that can work alone using their own app or remote. Luckily, there’s no need to switch between apps or fumble through remotes when you have a professional integrator like Just-N-Case Security integrate your home’s technologies into one intuitive ELAN home control system. We will build a unique smart home system that uses the latest technologies to make your life more convenient yet luxurious.

Total home control is only a phone call away: 901-837-8090 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to bring a little luxury to your daily life!

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