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Enhancing Home Security by Protecting Your Home While on Vacation


Ensure your Safety with Up-to-Date Systems and Technologies

When it comes time to safeguard your home, especially during vacations, investing in a robust home security system is essential. At Just-N-Case Security, for residents of Atoka and Munford, Tennessee, modern security systems offer measures to ensure your property remains secure and your peace of mind intact. 

Answering Your Questions About Home Theater Room Design


Discover the Projectors, Screens, and Sound Systems for an Immersive, Luxury Experience

Now that people are discovering the enhanced possibilities in home theater room design, an increasing number are creating space for the ultimate entertainment. As home automation and AV experts serving Memphis, TN, for over 20 years, our team at Just-N-Case Security has fielded more than a few questions regarding home cinemas, including the best location and equipment.

Here, we’ll address one of the most asked questions: What brands of projectors, screens, and sound systems do you recommend for a luxury home theater experience?

Let’s dive into home theaters and the brands that are making an incredible impact. 

4 Outdoor Entertainment Ideas to Make the Most of Summer


Embrace the Outdoors with Weatherproof Entertainment Technology

We’ve all felt it: that nagging feeling that we didn’t make the most of summertime. Luckily, we’re still months away from that happening, so you can still plan ahead to maximize your summer fun. 

And “making the most of summer” doesn't mean you need to jetset around the globe. Sometimes, the most meaningful times with family and friends happen at home. With the right outdoor entertainment technology, you can make your backyard the family’s go-to spot where you’ll create lasting memories. 

Let's look at four incredible outdoor entertainment ideas to add fun and spontaneity to your Arlington, TX, summer. 

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business’s Security Camera System?

A person installing a security camera.

Discover the Many Benefits Smart Security Offers Your Company

The Lakeland, TN, Downtown Development Authority recently installed about 14 security cameras throughout the downtown area to deter crime. These cameras prevent crime just by their presence, alerting would-be criminals that they’re being watched. 

Today, however, a smart security camera system offers much more.

In addition to capturing footage, commercial security cameras send notifications of unusual activity, scare off potential thieves through audio and video devices, and enhance business operations. While that last feature may come as a surprise, today’s systems possess Business Activity Analytics that provide a wealth of information and data that can shape how you manage your company. 

Let’s explore the immense benefits these systems provide.