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The Latest Smart Security Systems Deliver Unprecedented Protection


The Future of Smart Home Security: ELAN and 2GIG EDGE

As many of you know, the smart home market is growing at unprecedented rates. But, interestingly, for many of our clients, their first concern isn’t the latest connected audio and video systems or lighting controlled with just one touch. Instead, their first concern is how to keep their family and home safe with the latest smart security system.

Let’s explore how these systems are protecting families in Tipton County, TN.

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State-of-the-Art Security

At Just-N-Case Security, we partner with leading brands in home automation and home security. By bringing these two formidable systems together, homeowners experience unrivaled peace of mind and effortless control of their homes. Moreover, when integrated, all systems work together. That is, after all, what a smart home is—a home where all systems connect to the larger ecosystem and to each other.

Total Control

In March 2022, ELAN, the best-in-class home automation system, announced exclusive integration with the award-winning 2GIG EDGE security panel. Now, homeowners can experience seamless integration.

This allows your home’s security to be controlled through the ELAN touchscreen and mobile app. Disarm and arm your alarm, and view your security camera’s live feed from anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet. Control your home’s security from the same user-friendly platform that controls your lighting, climate, entertainment, and more.

Securing Your Home Effortlessly

Our certified technicians can also program the system to unlock the doors and turn on the front entrance lights after the alarm’s been disarmed. We can even use geofencing to program your garage door to open and close when you arrive or leave and send you a notification when someone leaves the garage door open.

You’ll also receive alerts in the event of an unusual occurrence. For example, should glass break, whether due to a burglar or an errant baseball, you'll receive a notification. Likewise, you'll receive an alert if someone is trying to gain entrance through the garage door or a skylight.

Of course, many of today’s threats come from internal sources, like fire or water damage. When the smoke alarm goes off, the monitoring system receives an instant alert and determines if the event warrants notifying emergency personnel.

Strategically installed flood and temperature sensors also enable the system to notify you if the sump pump or HVAC system fails or if there’s a water leak. You can even receive a live feed from your indoor camera to see what's happening in the event of an alarm. The system also broadcasts severe weather and tornado alerts, giving you and your family extra time to get to your safe location.

The 2GIG EDGE security panel is the only panel on the market with biometric facial recognition. It offers a high-resolution edge-to-edge glass screen that uses facial recognition to identify the homeowner to grant access.

Are you ready to take your home’s security to the next level? At Just-N-Case Security, we’re committed to providing our clients with the latest elite and reliable solutions for protecting their homes and loved ones and enjoying the effortless living that home automation brings. To learn more about the latest smart security and home automation systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Just-N-Case Security today.

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