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Take Home Entertainment to the Next Level with Today’s Technology


Distributed Audio-Video Systems and Home Theaters Deliver the Ultimate in Entertainment

Enjoying the ultimate cinematic experience in your home theater or listening to streaming music fill your home and yard define luxury living. As a premier home automation and home entertainment installer serving the Mid-South for over 20 years, Just-N-Case Security has watched the smart home revolution transform and enhance our clients' daily lives, changing what was once unimaginable into everyday possibilities.  

To create the best home entertainment systems, we partner with industry-leading brands. Let’s look at what these companies offer and how, together, we’re bringing exquisite audio-video solutions to homes in Collierville, TN.

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Today’s Distributed Audio-Video Systems

In many homes, watching shows and listening to music is a somewhat disjointed affair that involves separate devices in every room. A distributed audio-video system changes that. These systems provide access to all audio and video content, whether streamed from the internet, satellite or cable, or stored on a server, throughout your entire home.

The equipment for this remarkable system is tucked away in a closet or cabinet and distributed to every room and outdoor space. The result is perfectly synced high-performance audio and video that’s easy to control.

Streaming Music and Audio

Many of you have probably heard of one of our partners, Denon, a manufacturer of award-winning AV receivers. This best-in-class brand delivers the latest audio technologies that produce an immersive sound experience, whether watching your favorite movie, listening to your treasured vinyl collection, gaming, or streaming music.

High-resolution streaming services like TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, and Amazon Music HD can deliver the best possible digital music experience.

We'll also install nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that deliver high-fidelity sound. Klipsch is one of our favorite brands for hi-fi speakers and dedicated home theater solutions.

The Ultimate Home Theater

Klipsch was founded with the intent of delivering sound with the same power, detail, and emotion as a live performance. They offer architectural and landscape speakers designed to blend in seamlessly with a home’s design as well as their signature loudspeakers. Because of their commitment to high efficiency, controlled directivity, and low distortion, you can find their speakers at some of the finest cinemas across the nation.

They bring this same incredible sound to home theaters through their Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. Dolby Atmos object-based sound delivers sound from all directions, and these speakers deliver it in astonishing power, clarity, and depth. You hear the planes flying overhear, feel the waves crashing around you, and relish the rustling of the wind.

Effortless Control

Whether listening to your favorite streaming playlist, enjoying the latest blockbuster, or engrossed in a video game, the sound quality will leave you breathless. When combined with the latest 4K HDR TVs or projectors, you’ll experience the ultimate in today’s home entertainment.

Even better? Your whole-home audio-video system is controlled from your smart home’s user-friendly interface. Choose your source, room, and content with one simple tap on a touchscreen, in-wall keypad, or remote, and beautiful images and incredible sound fill one room or your whole home.

To learn more about today’s home entertainment or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Just-N-Case Security today.

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