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Bring High-Fidelity Audio to Your Outdoor Areas

Outdoor speakers placed throughout a backyard.

Extend Your Living Space and Enjoy High-Performance Music, Movies, and More in Your Own Backyard

It’s that time of year when we bring our friends and family together in our outdoor spaces, gathering around the grill, hanging out by the pool, or playing games and partying on the patio. Have you turned your backyard into the outdoor oasis you’ve always imagined?

Before you know it, summer turns to fall, and we’ve missed the opportunity to create the space that extends our living areas and draws our family to the Great Outdoors. One technology that has genuinely transformed our outdoor areas in the last decade is outdoor audio. Today, it offers the same high-performance sound you experience indoors, bringing your outdoor areas to life.

Let's explore the latest outdoor speaker system and what it can do for your Memphis, TN, home. 

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The Technology

The challenge with outdoor audio is that there are no walls to contain the sound and more area to cover. However, today's outdoor audio systems make it possible to strategically install speakers throughout a property, ultimately creating a blanket of sound.

In addition, they blend in seamlessly and deliver the high-fidelity sound today’s homeowner demands. We’ll also install in-ground subwoofers that provide the audio you can hear as well as feel. This important system component delivers the deep bass essential for widening the soundstage and producing vibrant, all-encompassing audio. 

For those considering installing an outdoor entertainment system that includes the latest outdoor TVs, these audio systems will take your movies, gaming, and sporting events to the next level. They deliver the sound that surrounds you and enable you to experience a song or movie just like you would in your home theater. Add some beautiful landscape smart lighting, and you can extend the party long into the night.

The Zones 

Just-N-Case Security can also create zones that allow you and your family to listen to different audio sources simultaneously. So, like your whole-home audio, family and friends can enjoy streaming playlists, vinyl, a gardening podcast, movies, and underwater music in the pool, simultaneously and from the same system. 

You’ll control it from the distributed audio-video system that controls your indoor AV. Tap an icon on a touchscreen panel, smartphone, or tablet, or press a button on a designated remote. Or, simply tell your smart home what audio you want to listen to and where you want to hear it, and your wish is your home’s command. 

At Just-N-Case Security, we offer a personalized approach to whole-home automation, security, and AV solutions. To learn more about outdoor audio, video, and entertainment, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Just-N-Case Security today.