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How a Smart Home Surveillance System Prevents Break-Ins

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Protect Your Home and Family with the Latest AI-Empowered Security

As many of you know, homeowners in our community have been dealing with a rash of break-ins and teens getting into trouble. In August, the sheriff of Tipton County, TN, warned thieves coming into the area that, unlike other communities, they would be caught, prosecuted, and find themselves in jail. Despite this, the fall has seen five people shot at a club, one teen injured after a shooting outside an elementary school, and another teen arrested after making school threats.

In response, homeowners are turning to a home surveillance system to keep a watchful eye over their property. These smart security cameras offer much more than traditional systems. Today, they are AI-smart and provide numerous features that can protect your home and family, whether in your home or across the continent. These new capabilities were unimaginable, even just a few years ago.

Let’s explore some of the top benefits smart home surveillance systems provide.

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Sending Alerts in the Event of a Stranger

While merely having a visible security camera has been shown to significantly deter criminals, proactive alerts increase crime prevention further. Artificial intelligence (AI) advancements empower your surveillance system to learn as it watches over your family. It adapts to your family’s routines, understanding the ordinary from potential threats. And it uses facial recognition to detect friends from strangers.

Does the dog walker come by at the same time every afternoon? Your system comes to see that as routine. Is there a strange car making its way up the driveway? Your AI-smart security cameras see this as a potential threat, zoom in on the driver, and send you an alert along with a video feed. If you’ve opted for 24/7 monitoring, professional security personnel will also have eyes on the potential intruder and call law enforcement if needed. 

An Advanced Warning System

Smart surveillance systems watch over your property 24/7. It immediately alerts you of suspicious activity, whether a stranger walking up the driveway or someone leaning on the back gate. Using its incredible intellect, it can predict potential outcomes, preventing intrusions before they occur by alerting you and the authorities when minutes can make a significant difference. 

We can also program these systems to send warning messages, alarms, or flashing lights when they detect a potential threat. Through two-way audio, you can speak directly to anyone on the camera, whether at home, work, or on vacation.

Integrating with Smart Devices

One of the top recommendations by police to prevent break-ins is presence simulation. Through the automated control of lighting, motorized shades, and TVs or whole-home audio, anyone checking out your home from the street would believe it’s occupied. 

At random times, your lights turn on and off, the shades rise and lower, and the TV or music plays as if you were home. From this same system, you’ll know if your doors are locked and the alarms armed, and you can control these systems right from your smartphone app. 

Are you ready to experience the peace of mind that smart home surveillance brings? To learn more about the various options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Just-N-Case security today.

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