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4 Expert Design Tips for Home Cinema Rooms

JustNCase Security specializes in home cinema room design and installation in Lakeland and the Greater Memphis area.

Bring Big-Screen Magic to Any Space in Your Home

The home cinema was once reserved solely for large homes, big spaces, and equally big budgets. While you can still design a home cinema room on a big scale, today’s audio and video solutions allow you to bring the magic of the big screen to many different spaces. So whether your home theater entertainment is for movies, Netflix binges, video games, sports, or all of the above, these four design ideas can help create the ideal entertainment space for your Lakeland, TN, home.


How a Smart Home Surveillance System Prevents Break-Ins

A car in a driveway outside a gated-house at sunset.

Protect Your Home and Family with the Latest AI-Empowered Security

As many of you know, homeowners in our community have been dealing with a rash of break-ins and teens getting into trouble. In August, the sheriff of Tipton County, TN, warned thieves coming into the area that, unlike other communities, they would be caught, prosecuted, and find themselves in jail. Despite this, the fall has seen five people shot at a club, one teen injured after a shooting outside an elementary school, and another teen arrested after making school threats.

In response, homeowners are turning to a home surveillance system to keep a watchful eye over their property. These smart security cameras offer much more than traditional systems. Today, they are AI-smart and provide numerous features that can protect your home and family, whether in your home or across the continent. These new capabilities were unimaginable, even just a few years ago.

Let’s explore some of the top benefits smart home surveillance systems provide.

Protect Your Home & Business with Smart Outdoor Security Cameras

A person and car in a parking lot targeted by a video surveillance system.

Take a Proactive Stance Against Increasing Crime

A recent string of smash-and-grab break-ins and thefts at gunpoint have left business owners and homeowners in Memphis, TN, concerned for their safety and property. According to the Memphis Police Department, as reported by Fox13, there have been over 17,000 business burglaries in 2023, an increase of 42% since last year.

One of the most recent thefts was a second smash-and-grab at City G.E.A.R., the same night a Taco Bell was held up at gunpoint. The district manager of Village Mart spoke with ActionNews5, sharing their two recent break-ins and the trouble getting insured due to the increasing crime, a scenario many businesses share. 

While many people have invested in outdoor security cameras, there is a significant difference between traditional and smart cameras. Smart security cameras provide several features that can deter and scare off would-be thieves. Let’s explore some of their benefits.

The Psychology Behind a Safer, More Secure Home

A family packing their car for a vacation with text from the home surveillance app overlaid on the picture.

Bring Peace of Mind to Your Memphis Home 

We’ve heard frequent complaints about break-ins and troublesome teens recently in Memphis, leaving many local homeowners on edge. Whether you’ve experienced any issues or not, the fear of an intruder can loom over you, keeping you up at night or ruining your vacation plans. And we understand—it’s scary to leave your house vulnerable for multiple nights unoccupied. 

But is it time to put those anxieties to rest? A home surveillance system can provide peace of mind that assures you everything’s okay. 

In this blog, we’re looking at the psychological aspects of home security, including the impact of feeling safe and how home surveillance can deter potential intruders from your Memphis home.