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An security camera capturing a man peering into a garage with a timestamp and video clip.


Thanks to advancements in home automation, smart security systems have become increasingly popular. Why the growing appeal? These “smart” systems offer much more than blaring alarms in an attempted break-in and video used by law enforcement after a theft has occurred. 

Today’s security systems provide crystal clear real-time video, even in the darkest night. Two-way audio lets any intruders know they've been spotted. Remote access sends notifications when something out of the ordinary occurs. And they integrate with your other smart devices, such as door locks and lighting.

These systems even send alerts if someone crosses a digital tripwire. Not only is this technology used to protect your business, home, and family, it’s also designed to keep your little ones safe. 

In essence, they offer unprecedented peace of mind. Let’s explore some of our clients’ favorite features. 

Essential Features That Make Up Smart Security Systems

a smart lock system controlled by a smartphone

Protect your home from thieves, vandals, and trespassers with home security solutions

Home security systems are crucial for preventing crimes on your property. Every home has some form of security, be it a simple door lock or a surveillance camera. But smart security systems are one step ahead and offer complete protection against all kinds of threats. From preventing porch pirates to home burglaries, advanced security solutions can counter all suspicious and criminal activities. 

So, what makes up a home security system that can offer full-perimeter protection on your Memphis, TN, property? Read on to find out!

The Latest Smart Security Systems Deliver Unprecedented Protection


The Future of Smart Home Security: ELAN and 2GIG EDGE

As many of you know, the smart home market is growing at unprecedented rates. But, interestingly, for many of our clients, their first concern isn’t the latest connected audio and video systems or lighting controlled with just one touch. Instead, their first concern is how to keep their family and home safe with the latest smart security system.

Let’s explore how these systems are protecting families in Tipton County, TN.