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Does Your Business Need an Outdoor Security Camera System?

Man installing a security camera on the side of a brick building.

Surveillance Keeps Your Business Safe, Giving You Peace of Mind When You Can't Be Present

Keeping your Memphis, TN, business safe around the clock is crucial to your company's welfare and peace of mind. A comprehensive security camera system from Just-N-Case Security will allow you to know what's happening on your property at all times, giving you a chance to step away confidently and, hopefully, helping you sleep better at night. 

While interior cameras are essential, we're focusing on outdoor surveillance and how it lets business owners hold anyone up to no good accountable, from trespassers to thieves and vandals. Keep reading to determine if your business would benefit from added security cameras!

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Indications Your Commercial Facility Needs Security Surveillance

The Just-N-Case Security team recommends careful and calculated placement of cameras outside every business. If you're unsure, there are many factors to consider that will help you determine your need for exterior surveillance. 

Business Type

Your business type may play a significant role in your choice to implement surveillance outside. For example, outdoor cameras can help deter vandalism or theft if you have a retail store. On the other hand, a home-based consulting business might not need the same level of security, though it's always good to have some. 


Think about where your business is located. If you own or rent a commercial space in an area with higher crime rates, cameras are crucial to ward off crime and protect your property. However, even if your business resides in a great, crime-free neighborhood, you're never theft-proof. Also, outdoor cameras can help you identify those who steal from the inside. 

Employee Safety

Employees on the property are a great reason to install cameras outside, as they provide an extra layer of protection and amp up employee safety measures. Your business cannot operate without your employees; you must go the extra mile to keep them safe. 

Valuable Assets

Your business itself is a precious asset, but if you have expensive equipment or inventory on the premises, outdoor cameras can keep thieves away and provide necessary evidence if a break-in occurs. 

Legal Requirements

This one depends on the industry or location, but you might be required by law to have outdoor security cameras in certain areas. Consistently remaining in compliance with local and federal regulations is vital. Your insurance provider may also need you to have cameras outside as a condition of your coverage. 

Complete Security Coverage with Just-N-Case Security

Outdoor security cameras can be a valuable tool for businesses of all types. They can help prevent criminal activity, protect valuable assets, and provide evidence in case of a break-in. If you're on the fence regarding security cameras and your business, we encourage you to consult Just-N-Case Security today! 

Smart Surveillance Saves You Time & Money!
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